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In three 2-hour Sessions, we cover exposure, composition and creative storytelling through visual mediums. My fun and engaging youth-centric lesson plans offer attendees the opportunity to channel their creativity and learn a new skill!

Your outdoor location choice, Your custom group
Kids must have access to a camera, capable of going into manual mode.

Age Groupings:
Ages 7-9up to 4 kids (at least one parental or nanny supervision encouraged)
Ages 10-12 up to 5 kids
Ages 13-16Up to 7 kids

Your kids are younger but you desire similar programming for arts, music & nature? Reach out to


4 kids - $210/kid
5 kids - $195/kid
7 kids - $165/kid

Private and Semi Private Lessons:Private - $115/hourSemi Private - $95/hour/student


Escaped to your cottage from the city and are looking for some programming to help your kid appreciate nature and learn creative skills? Schedule me for guided photography nature walks where your kids have the opportunity to learn about the biodiversity of the region and explore the colours and textures through a creative eye! Programming can also take place on your property if there is natural surroundings such as a lake, trees and critters! We will develop the language and skills for basic photography while appreciating our natural surroundings. While this program is fantastic for cottage country, we can definitely plan something like this for the city if this is desired. Just let me know! 

If you would like to book this session for your children, please send me an email with the following information and I can build a custom program and quote: 


Location & desired date(s)
The desired amount of hours or sessions

Number of Participants

Age of Participants

Photography Level 
Equipment Available

Nature Knowledge Level 
Would you like your kid to learn about how to be a sustainable friend to the environment and nature adventure etiquette such as leave no trace, low waste lifestyle and the basics of being a great backcountry camper? 

Can build a "cottage summer-camp" package for a custom group of kids upon inquiry. 
Programming can be built for adults and families. 

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